Ana Zubak | Whisper down the lane

Whisper down the lane



In the Home of Croatian Association of Artists, at the 29th Youth Salon in 2008, a Turkish artist Nasan Tur exhibited a neon sign saying: “Time for Revollusion”. A statement that calls for change and action has been modified by adding another L and replacing T with an S. This powerful request that reminds us of a clumsy graffiti art suddenly loses its strength and “gains a naive and innocent note”*.

I have recently encountered this neon sign hanging on the wall next to the stairway of the CAA’s administrative department.  This piece of art, created to dominate above the entrance to galleries in Meštrović Pavilion has now been turned off and silenced, losing its aura in some side hallway. By transmitting this message from one medium to another, rewriting it, retelling it and transferring it, its meaning changes just like in the game “Whisper down the lane” until the original meaning is nothing more than noise.

*From the 29th Youth Salon catalogue – the Salon of Revolution