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The Big Picture



Zagreb, base of the Cibona tower and base of Ilički 1 skyscraper

in collaboration with: [BLOK], Damir Žižić, Ivan Slipčević, Ivana Rončević 

The work is conceived as an action through which the skyscrapers are seen as the key points of power in the image of Zagreb. With their vertical domination, skyscrapers are seen as symbols of the city, but at the same time they function as self-contained closed units, to which citizens have no access. By questioning the willingness of the owners of some of the skyscrapers in Zagreb to cooperate, examining the length of procedural processes and the forms of contracts that were given to me (as a guarantee for mutual benefit) when accessing the tops of certain skyscrapers, I examined what are the mechanisms that are needed for the appearance on each of them. Money? Acquaintance? A fake reason? Panoramic views that only few powerful men are able to enjoy were transferred to the public space under the skyscrapers they were taken on. Personalized photos were printed on spot and given to each photographed person in form of a postcard.

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