Ana Zubak | I am leaving tomorrow

I am leaving tomorrow



The video “I am leaving tomorrow” was filmed in Trogir during short summer residency in 2015. Images of a decayed building were combined with the original sound and text from Serbo-Croatian language guide for tourists published in 60’s when the motel itself was built by architect Ivan Vitić. The sentences are simultaneously translated into four different languages.

 Motel Sljeme was built in 1965 and designed by one of the leading architects of the Socialist Yugoslavia – Ivan Vitić. It is situated at the western entrance to the city of Trogir on the Adriatic coast (25km from the city of Split). Today it marks one of the neuralgic points of the town and for many years it has been standing devastated due to unresolved ownership issues (due to the non-transparent privatization of what once was ‘societal property’, in the beginning of the 1990s). Built at a time when the character of tourism in Trogir was mostly transitory, the motel was conceived in parallel with the construction of the Adriatic Highway. At the time it was seen “as one of the “performative” elements that would fit into the utopian vision of this road imagined as a feature film that would be “shown to the passengers on the screen of their car window.” The motel is, in general, an exception to the typology of Adriatic tourism, and it is argued that the idea of such buildings in the Yugoslav socialist society came through American movies.